Mariné Larripa

Yoga styles: Functional Yoga

Marine has been studying and teaching yoga for the past 12 years. She comes from a dancing background so the body movements have a been a part of her life since a very young age.

She likes to teach smart "functional" yoga. Every class has a purpose and a logic.

For this she studies and observes the students. She talks to them after class and tries to understand their ways of moving and how they compensate so she can guide them to a new, more ergonomic posture. This is achieved using less vital energy and results in a happy spine, shoulders, etc.

This is Marine's passion! She studied with many senior yoga teachers including Brigitte Longueville, David McCammon, and Marcos Pranayama. Her latest teacher is Sonia Fernandez Moliner. Marine practices meditation and Pranayama. She says she needs this to live.

And of course, she says, the best way for her to connect with the source is to paddle out and ride some good waves. She surfs every day.

Marine is the mother of 2 precious girls Maya and Zoe and wife of an angel. She loves this life on the beach of Mexico!

Sofia Agaton

Yoga Styles: Hatha

Since childhood, Sofia was fortunate to connect with her body through dance. She finished her studies as a professional dancer and later, always looking for new ways to connect with the body and feelings, found the path of yoga.

Experimenting with meditation and various styles of yoga, for 12 years she has dedicated her life entirely to the teaching and practice of this philosophy as a way of training the body and mind THROUGH consciousness to keep it healthy and achieve constant practice connect with the inner self and find balance in our lives.

She is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher and takes workshops to keep constantly updated on the world of yoga and meditation.

Sofia currently lives in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca and teaches classes everyday the practice of Hatha yoga, Vipassana meditation, and Pranayama.

Every morning we practice the art of Pranayama, Prana advantage of this beautiful place.

When we practice Pranayama (control and variation of breathing), work on a deep level with our central nervous system and the subtle energy channels that are located throughout our body (Nadis).

This practice helps us bring all our senses inwards (Pratyahara) and teach the mind to go to a particular point, and training her to attain the state of concentration (Dharana) and be ready to enter and remain in meditation (Dhyana) and finally liberation (Samadhi), the goal of yoga.

Each morning we will practice simple Pranayama, creating awareness of your breath will help your practice of Asana (postures and alignment), releasing tension and leading you to a state of purity, peace and happiness.