Calle Vista Hermosa #4, next to Hotel Aqua Luna, behind Tres Reyes Car Rental. More info: 954 114 7675

Located on Zicatela Beach in
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Yoga helps you live in symbiosis with nature,
manage stress and improve your fitness ...

A place created to enjoy and share, a place where travelers, surfers, creative people, lovers of nature and all beings of free souls join us to practice yoga for both physical, spiritual and inward growth.

We teach Asanas to stimulate functional movements and support the natural curves of the spine.

Through this practice we make awareness of our spine in a natural state or compensate state, of course not just the spine, the pelvis, the feet, the shoulders etc.

For quickest and best results we use props like the Back Mitra, Bolsters, Tennis Balls, Blankets, Wood Arches, and Headstanders. The purpose of these props is to create pressure in some regions where we lose mobility or where we hold a lot of physical and emotional stress.

Applying pressure to a particular point of our back and breathing deep in to that area, we can achieve some structural changes.

That allows us to improve our every day posture, the way we hold our body 24 hours a day.