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Located on Zicatela Beach in
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Yoga is the integration of love and ethics,
offering a way in which you lead your life in this world...

The path of Yoga that we propose in Vida Yoga is a process of transformation that begins with improving our posture. This conscious work of postural reeducation is carried out throughout all the practices, taking into account the characteristics of each student and helping them so that they can gradually modify incorrect patterns of alignment and movement.

To this end, subtle muscles are worked in a subtle way that provide the body with stability, strength and better support for the proper action of the large superficial muscles. The results are reflected in a practice more conscious of the asanas. These are adopted more easily and they are kept for longer time whic enhances their benefits.

In this way, the postures are worked from the inside out, not only to achieve the form, but also provide the bases to be able to develop in a respectful and pleasant way the potentials of each person. It is also worth mentioning that they also help to considerably reduce the discomfort of existing injuries.

All practices are based on a conscious work of breathing, Pranayama, which in turn leads to greater concentration, training the mind to observe subtle things, this mindfulness leads directly to a meditative state. Then there is room for transformation.

This philosophy of precise responsible work demands concentration and an experienced guide.